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Stralsund Postcards

Stralsund - Jungfernsteg und Bahnhof
Stralsund - Knieperteich
Stralsund - Kütertor
Stralsund - Marien-Kirche
Stralsund - Neuer Markt
Trajektschiff 'Putbus' mit dem D-Zug
Stralsund vom Hafen mit Damfer 'Alterfähr'
Stralsund vom Turm der Marienkirche
Stralsund - Bechermacherstraße
Stralsund - Fähr-Straße
Stralsund - Kniepertor
Stralsund - Semlowerstr. m. St. Nikolaikirche
Stralsund Panorama
Stralsund Panorama

Other Documents & Features

  • POW letter 15th June 1918
    The first letter RS Robertson wrote to his father, David, back home in Scotland.
  • Offizier-Gefangenenlager, Stralsund/Dänholm, 1918
    den 28.6.1918 ---- Die
    Kassen-Kommission des
    Robert Robertson
  • The Outlook - POW Camp Magazine
    November 1918 - magazine produced "in-house" by the prisoners for the prisoners.


These postcards were found amongst the possessions of Robert Robertson.

Stralsund is the town in which the POW camp was located. The postcards were presumably bought during or after his confinement in the camp, possibly as a souvenir or memento.

Map showing location of Stralsund
Map showing location of Stralsund