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Letter to the father of R.S.Robertson

Written in POW Camp Stralsund-Dänholm

20th September 1918

My Dear Father,

I hope this finds Mother, Meg and Yourself in the best of health as it leaves me.
I am feeling much happier since receiving Megs letters of 16th July and 1st Aug and Mothers of 28th July.

Then I got a very cheering epistle from Jenny and was delighted to hear that Robbie is alright. You must have had a dreadful time of suspense and I am surprised for I thought the Red Cross would have had news through in about three weeks.

It was very nice of Brandrick Greaves to write you also Kelly who was a corporal in my section. You might send my best regards to the latter and the other boys who managed to survive also to all my friends who have made so many kind enquiries.

So far I have received 3 food parcels and the clothing parcel of 1st Aug which was splendid and very welcome. I got a letter from Lt Greaves so you might
drop him a note too with my congrats on his M.C. award and on coming
through safely. Strange to say he didn't mention my valise and that was what
I wanted to hear about.

I am sorry that you didn't manage to have holidays this year for I'm sure
you must have needed them but we'll make up for that when I get home.

Tell Babs that I got her pc (postcard?) of 10th Aug and to write as often
as possible.

We have had terribly heavy rain here and the climate is most peculiar.

I am longing oh so much to be with you all again and like mother I hope
it won't be long till that happy day.

We have a very good concert party here and a Dramatic Society has been
formed which will entertain us in the winter. I am looking for the shorthand
book any day now as I suppose you will have sent it on. Send me some brown boot polish and button cleaning kit also a fountain pen filler.

The work in camp is going on as usual. We have roll calls at 9am and 6.30pm everyday and are allowed out of our hut till 8pm. I have been playing a little football lately and have benefited greatly from it. You can write longer letters than 1 page so long as they aren't too long.

I had two of my company friends over for tea on the 17th to celebrate my birthday so what do you think of that. A shoehorn will be very useful to send
also my occarins(?) and a good whistle in Eb(?). When sending tobacco let it
be "medium" strength.

By the way was it an old pipe which you sent me it leaks so you might send
me a good one and if possible get a pipe smoker to choose one and send a
cloth case for it.

I hope all will keep cheery and do write as often as possible.

Now dear Father I must close with ever the best of love to Mother, Meg,
Jenny and the boys, Babs and Yourself.

I am your ever loving son, Robert


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A Prisoner In Germany

Prisoners of War - POW Camp Stralsund-Dänholm, 1918

Prisoners of War

POW Camp Stralsund-Dänholm

Robert Robertson standing (left, back row).

In a letter he wrote to his sister Meg, dated 20th October 1918, he wrote:

Last week our Battalion was photographed and I had to borrow tunic and breeches for the occasion. I have seen the proof and as usual I look a picture.

Presumably this is that photograph!

Prisoners of War
POW Camp Stralsund-Dänholm

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