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Letter to the father of R.S.Robertson

Written in POW Camp Rastatt (Baden) - a military transit camp

15th June 1918

My Dear Father,

At last I have a chance to write a half descent letter and hope it will find
Mother, Meg and Yourself in the best of health. I have been wondering if
you know yet that I am safe and I sincerely hope so for I know how much
you must have been worrying.

I was captured at 10am on 27th May at Crayonelle after being subjected to a heavy gas and other shell bombardment from 1am - 6.30am and all of us were slightly gassed. We got no chance being taken from the flanks and rear and in fact people miles behind us were captured about 6.30am.

Our Major and other officers are all with me so I am fortunate in having so
many friends. We had a lot of marching to do during first week and then got
the train here. This is not yet my destination but address letters and parcels
here till further notice.

We are well treated so don't worry about me. I am afraid my kit is lost but perhaps not and it will be sent to you. If it is you can send out my slacks.

Please send as many parcels as possible especially of food. Pastes ......(?) for putting on bread is useful also Saccharine tablets, chocolate, soap ......(?)

The PoW Aid Society will help you & ask Meg to arrange with Lambert & Butler or any other firm to send out to me 500 cigarettes (Virginia) per month preferably Waverley, Gold Flake, Capstan.

Then she might also write Holt & Co. and find out what pay I now draw and give them my address. Send a diary.

Ask Meg to write to Mrs. W. McPhail, "Kathereen" Scotstounhill, Glasgow and say Major McPhail her son is with me also write Mr. Hayes 5 Treetow(?) St., Attercliffe, Sheffield and say his son was captured on 27th and was well.
Chris. B. Hayes was my servant and I spoke to him next day.

I will try to send home a few cheques at intervals but don't know yet if it is allowed. When sending parcels always enclose a list of contents.

I am fairly happy here and the thought of our long separation and your worries have troubled me most. The other is that I have no change of clothing, socks
and no razor and no money though I expect to get the latter soon. I got a German grammar and am studying the language so my time is fully occupied. Our principle food is soup. The Red Cross has sent us some hard biscuits and they are splendid.

The weather has been glorious and this is a lovely country though we don't see
a great deal from here. This is a fort and really very comfortable and there are about 250 officers and 50 men in its keeping. I think of you by day & night and
it seems so hard that I didn't have leave but it doesn't make any difference.

Remember me to Jenny, boys & all my friends and send at once the food and clothes. Saccharine or sugar if possible, treacle, biscuits, chocolate, raisins and anything you can think of for eating which will keep during journey.
Khaki shorts white shoes or slippers, very long socks.

Now dear Father I hope I'm not troubling you with all my wants so I'll close
with best love to Mother, Meg & Yourself & may God bless you all & grant a speedy meeting.

Your ever loving son, Robert


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A Prisoner In Germany

Prisoners of War - POW Camp Stralsund-Dänholm, 1918

Prisoners of War

POW Camp Stralsund-Dänholm

Robert Robertson standing (left, back row).

In a letter he wrote to his sister Meg, dated 20th October 1918, he wrote:

Last week our Battalion was photographed and I had to borrow tunic and breeches for the occasion. I have seen the proof and as usual I look a picture.

Presumably this is that photograph!

Prisoners of War
POW Camp Stralsund-Dänholm

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