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"The Outlook" ~ POW Camp Magazine

November 1918 - produced "in-house" by the prisoners for the prisoners.

Note: The Armistice was signed on 11th November 1918 - war was over.
The magazine would have come out around this time, and there were
plans for a second issue which, as they were all released in December,
was never produced.

Below are extracts from the introductory pages.

EDITORS: Captain J.Hirst M.C. and Lieutenant J.J.Holme
ART EDITOR: Lieutenent W.S.Beaumont M.C.
Dänholm, November 1918
~ ~ ~
This is the first issue of our Camp Magazine. It leaves much to be desired, but in spite of its shortcomings it represents some real graft on the part of the many contributors who have helped us. We hope the effort will at least amuse.
~ ~ ~
We are now settled down on our island home, and are fitting ourselves out as well as possible to weather the coming Baltic winter, and we hope the various Committees who are charged with our welfare will get their backs down to their respective jobs, and see that we are kept well amused and interested. Otherwise how shall we combat that fatal disease "Gefangenen Ennui"?
~ ~ ~
We on our part shall endeavour to place before our readers, the best the Camp can turn out in the Literary and Artistic line. Our comments and criticism will be general, and we fervently hope that they will not be taken personally, our caricatures will be broad and humourous, and we again hope that these will not be taken grudgingly.
~ ~ ~
The opportunity should not be missed of welcoming into our midst the Gefangeners of many mouths standing, who have recently arrived. Whilst loath to see them leave us, for they have contributed very largely to all the activities of our Camp life, we wish them a speedy and safe return to that realm of bliss "Blighty".
~ ~ ~
We have seen the first batch of the "old originals" off for home. The Docs and the Padres. All our good wishes go with them. Whilst here and at Rastatt they have given of their best for us. The two Docs who so perseveringly punctured us, so many times and in so many places, deserve an especial vote, for the way in which they have attended to our "kranks", real and unreal. On behalf of the Camp we thank them.
~ ~ ~
Now that we have got our new stage we may look forward to some real dramatic efforts. They may or may not be better than the present productions, but we are confident that for real amusement they will have to reach a very high standard to beat them. We doff our caps to the hero who holds the lights off!
~ ~ ~
When the gates are thrown open, and we go forth into the World again, freemen, what a learned body will surge out! A babel of tongues, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hindustani, with a horde of reporters feverishly trying to take it down in newly learned shorthand! The Education Committee and the tutors, responsible for this wonderful effect, are indeed a handy lot, and that pillar of scholarly strength in Tartan Trews is one to be admired and emulated by his numerous fellowers.
~ ~ ~
As a fire needs fuel, so does a Magazine require contributors. We take this opportunity of appealing to our fellow gefangeners, to support this, one of many Camp efforts, and to come forth from under their bushels, and give us of their best. We also hope that everyone will Purchase his own copy, and not depend on borrowing his pals. The cost of production is necessarily high, and we may add that any profits accruing will be devoted to improving the next issue.
~ ~ ~
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