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First World War » Robertson » Offizier-Gefangenenlager

POW Document

Offizier-Gefangenenlager, Stralsund/Dänholm, 1918 (COVER)

Other Documents & Features

  • POW letter 15th June 1918
    The first letter RS Robertson wrote to his father, David, back home in Scotland.
  • The Outlook - POW Camp Magazine
    November 1918 - magazine produced "in-house" by the prisoners for the prisoners.
  • Stralsund Postcards
    Postcards presumably bought during or after confinement of RS Robertson as a POW.

Unknown document - to be determined what this document actually is.

On the left is the front cover, and the inside resembles a sort of bank book.

Click thumbnail below to see the inside.

Offizier-Gefangenenlager, Stralsund/Dänholm, 1918 (INSIDE)
Offizier-Gefangenenlager - Stralsund/Dänholm - dated 28th June 1918 - click to open large version in new browser window

(To be transcribed)