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First World War » Robertson » Christmas 1918

Local Newspaper for 24th December 1918

"We were released (from POW camp) on the 17th December when we sailed
to Copenhagen and spent nine pleasant days in Denmark where the people
were most kind to us."

Helsingør is north-east of Copenhagen. He must have spent Christmas here, and
bought the newspaper which he brought home and kept as a souvenir or memento.

One item on the front page is in English and is transcribed below:

Glaedelig Jul!

Yoyeux Noël!   ~   A Merry Christmas!

To our English Friends!

At last we can again keep Christmas in Peace and have not to look forward to the festive Season with thoughts of soldiers suffering and bleeding in the rifle-pits, and of broken-up homes behind the fronts.
But though we have peace, you, our English friends, have not yet reached the homes that longingly await you, but have to content yourselves with the humble hospitality we are not able to show you here in Denmark.
Yet, though we can not make up for your homes, we can all show you our sympathy and our friendship, and express our whishes for a good Christmas and a happy New Year to you all and to all your dear ones in Great Britain.

A merry Christmas!
A happy New Year!

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